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Information agreement

Dear partner,

We ask you to be very careful about filling out the electronic questionnaire, since after sending the questionnaire, you will not be able to edit it. The questionnaire contains more than 50 questions, most of which are mandatory. Specifying invalid data is the reason for the failure. You will have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire again with the same TIN only after three months.

Before completing the electronic questionnaire, you must update the page and make sure that you have the latest version of the browser. Otherwise, browsers of obsolete versions may block some features of the questionnaire and in the end, the questionnaire may not go.

The questionnaire is available for the following browser versions:

  • Chrome from 40 version
  • Mozilla from 36 version
  • Opera from 27 versions
  • Internet Explorer 9-11 versions
  • Edge
  • Safari (Mac)

Pay attention that:

  1. If you close the page with the questionnaire not yet sent, the data will not be saved.
  2. When completing the questionnaire, you can always return to the previous blocks and adjust the information.
  3. After sending the questionnaire to the specified e-mail, you will receive a notification and a copy of the completed questionnaire in PDF format. If this does not happen, check the Spam folder, if it is not there, please call the hotline 8 (800) 700-5-800.
  4. Questionnaires for the offer of cooperation on the product without an official price list will not be considered.
    When completing a questionnaire, you must attach a price list in PDF or JPEG format. If you have a different format price list, we note that simply renaming the file does not change the file format itself.

    To do this, you must save it to PDF or JPEG.

    Before you attach a file, make sure the file opens and is not corrupted.

    Questionnaires with damaged price list files will not be considered.

  5. The maximum period for processing the questionnaire is 70 working days.

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